The "Franco-German Peace Plan"

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Tue Feb 11 20:15:26 MST 2003


I'm generally in agreement with Jay's comments, but I'd be worried if we
only put U.S. imperialism as the "primary contradiction". Would this
mean we support the European peace plan after all? (That wasn't what you
meant, was it Jay?)

I think it's very similar to the "gunboat diplomacy" disputes prior to
the first world war: the imperialists are trying to divide and re-divide
the world into their own spheres of interest. We can support their
victims if in a limited sense, as a lesser evil (unless you actually
live and are active in Iraq -- where you would have to be anti-Hussein I
think). But just because one power is predominant (Britain in 1900; the
USA now) we obviously have to oppose all the imperialists.

>From a strategic point of view, I think it is undisputable that we
oppose all imperialisms.

However, we must assess the concrete situation and develop tactical

If we were living in a world where imperialist rival powers were in
perfect (or near perfect) equilibrium, we should be opposing, in first
instance, "our own" imperialism. We, europeans, would be opposing EU
imperialist designs and would expect our north-american comrades to
reciprocate with respect to the intents of their own imperialist

But that is not the world we are living at. Up to the moment, we are
living in a world where there is an imperialist hegemon. The US is the
top mobster, the capo dei capi, a situation the other imperialist powers
have accepted up to now. But things could be changing now, very quickly.
In fact so quickly our heads are turning round. 

I think it is absolutely vital for us that we cease to have an
imperialist hegemon and have instead what some call a "multipolar

The European plan is not meant to be implemented anyway. It is merely an
instrument of opposition to the war path of the US/UK. What is essential
is the split in the "alliance".

I think it is our duty to encourage, support and lock in any break up
between the imperialists, particularly a situation where EU
(Paris-Berlin axis) imperialism falls out definitely with the US, for
which it will have to seek the support of Russia, China, India, Latin
America and Africa.

We love imperialism so much we are delighted to have two of them.

João Paulo Monteiro 

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