The "Franco-German Peace Plan"

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Tue Feb 11 20:46:38 MST 2003

João Paulo Monteiro:
>>If we were living in a world where imperialist rival powers were in
perfect (or near perfect) equilibrium, we should be opposing, in first
instance, "our own" imperialism. We, europeans, would be opposing EU
imperialist designs and would expect our north-american comrades to
reciprocate with respect to the intents of their own imperialist
bourgeoisie. But that is not the world we are living at. Up to the moment,
we are
living in a world where there is an imperialist hegemon... In fact so
quickly our heads are turning round.<<

This is very well put. Europeans should focus first and foremost on
opposing the American-led war threat. However...

>>I think it is absolutely vital for us that we cease to have an
imperialist hegemon and have instead what some call "multipolar

I don't think his follows. A "multi-polar" world led to World Wars I and
II. What is vital is to build a mass movement against imperialism in all
its forms.  To do that we need to be independent of all imperialisms. Your
formulation seems to imply that we would support the French plan, which is
just another way for imperialists to strangle Iraq.

>>The European plan is not meant to be implemented anyway. It is merely an
instrument of opposition to the war path of the US/UK.<<

This is only because they are too weak to impose it. If our mass anti-war
movement supported them, they might be able to impose it -- and we would
end up with a new and equally ugly imperialist domination while
disorienting our own movement.

>>I think it is our duty to encourage, support and lock in any break up
between the imperialists<<

The way to split the enemy is to build a powerful, independent opposition
to all of them. 

>>particularly a situation where EU (Paris-Berlin axis) imperialism falls
out definitely with the US, for which it will have to seek the support of
Russia, China, India, Latin
America and Africa.<<

They will get the support of the reactionary ruling classes of those
states. Yet another bloc we should steer clear of.

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