Australian Labor MP says US Ambassador should be recalled

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Tue Feb 11 21:03:30 MST 2003

Hi Gary

Yes I agree, If the UN doesn't back Bush, and if the war doesn't end
quickly and easily, Howard will indeed have got himself trapped. Personally
I think the UN will fall into line, and the initial war will be over in no
time. The problems will come later, and Howard can probably distance
himself from those.

Nevertheless you are right, the old conventions are under strain. I think
this is because our ruling class is split between those who want to go all
the way with the USA, and those who want to resist a "unipolar" American
imperialism -- so they want to make Bush work through the UN. This tension
was already emerging before Sept 11, in the debate between the Howard camp
and the Keating-Greg Sheridan- Paul Kelly faction who wanted to "engage
with Asia". Howard used the East Timor intervention and the associated
"stand up to Asia" red neck sentiment to push public opinion his way. This
is another way in which the East Timor intervention helped open a space for
what's happening now.


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