Australian Labor MP says US Ambassador should be recalled

Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at
Tue Feb 11 21:32:54 MST 2003

At 03:03 PM 12/02/2003 +1100, Tom wrote:

>  Personally I think the UN will fall into line, and the initial war will
> be over in no time. The problems will come later, and Howard can probably
> distance
>himself from those.

That was my position until just very lately. But we might be wrong,
y'know.  The security Council might act against the USA following
a  pro-Iraq report from Blix. My own suspicion is that Blix and Anan have
been playing a game.  They have been sending out peace signals while trying
to keep the Americans on a leash by accomodating their rubbish about
weapons of mass destructiion.  That is why the report was so ambiguous.  Of
course if that is correct Blix miscalculated and the nuances in his report
were ignored and the war party declared that he supported them.

It all fills me with the deepest disgust for liberals like Anan and Blix.

I agree totally with your line on the Franco-German plan.  However the
maneuverings of the European, Russian and now Chinese bourgeoisie are
partly in response also to the peace movement. But principally they are
concerned, I think,  about total spectrum dominance of the oil. It is
beginning to look slightly unpredictable.



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