Query on London was Re: Orange Alert for democratic rights:the judge's decision

Einde O'Callaghan einde.ocallaghan at planet-interkom.de
Tue Feb 11 22:18:04 MST 2003

Gary Maclennan wrote:
> Could someone post on the situation in London - with the ban on Hyde
> Park.  the New York ban and the British one are of course related at a very
> deep level.  We have a ruling class taking an offensive in both countries
> and they have prepared badly for it and as a consequence are vulnerable to
> public protest.
The most important tactical thing about the response of the Stop the War
Coalition in Britain is that they said they would continue with the
demonstration and rally as planned, i.e. they directly challenged the

The MP George Galloway warned of teh danger of civil disorder, i.e. a
riot, if the ban went ahead. Indeed this was the reaction to bans on
using Hyde Park for mass rallies in the 19th century and during the

The net result was that the government backed down and the march and
rally can go on.

Einde O'Callaghan

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