February 15: 400+ cities and counting

Juan Fajardo fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Tue Feb 11 22:33:09 MST 2003

For those who'd like to know:  the count of communities staging anti-war
actions (i.e., rally, vigil, march, etc.) is at 412 and counting, on
every continent (yes, even Antarctica).

http://www.unitedforpeace.org has 354 cities listed, plus I just sent
them a list of 58 more garnered from the web.

Of course, there are more, as, e.g. a Pakistni note stated that there
would be events in 20 Pakistani cities besides the 3 already listed by
UFP, but did not say which those would be.  Those alone, would raise the
count to almost 450!

- Juan Fajardo

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