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Wed Feb 12 05:31:31 MST 2003

Michael Keaney wrote:

They pointed out that the UN had passed a resolution in favour of disarming
> Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction, and that no one in their
> right minds would be opposed to such a project.

Caveat Emptor: I guess one of the advantages the list provides is that
anyone in or out of his or her "right mind" can contribute without providing
picture ID, or a certificate of right mindedness

Be that as it may, every Marxist regardless of temporary or permanent
emotional disorder should oppose the UN, Chirac, Putin plan for several

1.It essentially legitimizes the subjugation of Iraq to a more global
occupation, with perhaps less material destruction, while maintaining the
privation of the population.  I do not believe anywhere in the proposal is
the provision for the end to sanctions and the limitations on Iraq's
production and exchange of oil.

2. Enforcement depends on continuing the threat of military retaliation.

3. It will not derail the US drive to war for more than a brief period.

There are more reasons, but the doctors are telling me to come down from the
ceiling and take my medicine.


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