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Martin Spellman mspellman at
Wed Feb 12 15:06:12 MST 2003

> I found Foot's article appalling.
> I wouldn't have minded so much is he was an ordinary liberal.  It would
> have been the sort of thing you'd expect from a liberal looking
> desperately for some way of halting the United States.
> The problem I have with it is that Foot is supposed to be a Marxist.

	Years ago Paul Foot published a book called 'Why you should be a Socialist'
and some (Maoist?) group published a riposte entitled 'Why Paul Foot should
be a Socialist'

	I look out for it in second-hand shops but it has not surfaced. Suppose it
is highly prized by any owners and the Swoops shred any they come across.

Happy days

	On a serious note I found some of the stuff on the 'Euro', such as the
article in the latest Monthly Review, also seems to favour one brand of
imperialism over another. What is the use of spurning US hegemony in favour
of some kind of Euro superstate hegemony? I'll try and find time to do a
review but don't hold your breath.

Martin Spellman

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