Dissecting the Bush Doctrine-A GRAND STRATEGY FOR EMPIRE

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Wed Feb 12 16:07:34 MST 2003

by Raymond Lotta

Note: The following article is based on talks and speeches given at antiwar
teach-ins and seminars.

In this article, I want to explore the nature
and underlying objectives of the Bush Doctrine. These are some of the main
points I will be making:

1) The moves the U.S. is making in the world flow from a "grand strategy."
This grand strategy (the Bush Doctrine) is an attempt by U.S. imperialism to
restructure international power relations and geopolitical realities in key
regions of the world to its long-term advantage.

2) To understand this grand strategy, we have to go back to the collapse of
the Soviet Union and the effect this had on world politics and world

3) There are four interconnected elements to this grand strategy.

A) U.S. imperialism is seeking to make permanent its
military-political-economic superiority over potential rivals; to prevent
any potential rival or adversary from building up forces to match or surpass
those of the U.S.; and to reassert its global dominance in relation to other
imperialisms and regional powers.

B) U.S. imperialism is operating according to a new military doctrine of
preemption: of launching attacks and waging wars before there is any
provocation or threat to it.

C) U.S. imperialism is seeking to impose new forms of control and governance
in the Third World.

D) U.S. imperialism is breaking out of the restraints of international laws,
institutions, and alliances.

4) Right now Iraq is a major focus and stepping stone of this grand
strategy. In Iraq, there is a coming together of regional and international
interests of empire.

5) U.S. imperialism is on a roll. But the Bush doctrine and what the U.S. is
setting in motion are fraught with contradictions and uncertainties. The
people must act to bring about a different political alignment, one that can
stop this juggernaut.
more- http://www.rwor.org/A/V24/1181-1190/1187/lottadoctrine.htm
http://rwor.org/resistance - RW resource page on the juggernaut of war and
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