Paul foot

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at
Wed Feb 12 17:17:37 MST 2003

I found Foot's article appalling.

I wouldn't have minded so much is he was an ordinary liberal.  It would
have been the sort of thing you'd expect from a liberal looking
desperately for some way of halting the United States.
Same here. Can anyone here verify whether he is a hereditary peer in the house of Lords. \
I know that his father was.

We saw it in the second round of
the French presidential election with a lot of the far left in Europe,
especially the Fourth International/USec and the IST, backing Chirac.
And now we see the same thing in relation to the falling out of
imperialist thieves over how best to destroy Iraq and who will get to
control the process

To my knowledge the IST didn't back the USFI's class colaborationist
call for a vote for chiraq.
Although they continue negotiations with them withougt fighting the validity
of their position.

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