Antidemocratic ruling, but rally, fight for march go on

Julio Huato juliohuato at
Wed Feb 12 19:06:51 MST 2003

Whatever the court rulings on the 2/15 march in NYC, I believe we need to
call everyone to rally around the organizers and follow their lead.

We need tight mass discipline here.

I agree 100% with José Pérez analysis of the issue and I believe that, in
these momentous times and given the gravity of the issues involved, a great
deal of the demonstrators are willing and able to defy an adverse ruling
because it'd curtail our rights precisely when we need them.

I'd just add that there's some probability that the NYPD is playing stupid
local politics with this.  I know many of you will prefer to have that
decision come from up above and be tied to what's going on in London.  But
the NYPD has been complaining about Bloomberg's budget stringency and the
heavy burden of security measures piled up on them.  It'd be a way to dump
the political problem on Bloomberg's lap.  In any case, the White House
benefits.  For those of you trigger happy, notice that I'm not justifying
Bloomberg or the NYPD.  Just trying to figure things out.  But each of you
draw your own conclusions.

The organizers should take into account that if they provide a sound
rationale to defy an adverse ruling along with a detailed description of the
peaceful and disciplined way the march should proceed in spite of the ruling
-- that is, if they provide that kind of leadership -- many people will
follow them in spite of the challenges ahead.  That said, once the
organizers ponder all the information and make a decision, that should be
the ruling that matters to us and we should follow suit with no grudges.

And I have a question for list members who are in India or know about India.
  What's the India's government position on the US war on Iraq?



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