Fwd: Antidemocratic ruling, but rally, fight for march go on

Jacob Levich jlevich at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 12 19:28:23 MST 2003

>And I have a question for list members who are in India or know about
>India.  What's the India's government position on the US war on Iraq?

Generally very supportive, since it's resulted in much closer ties
(economic, military, intelligence) between US and India along with the US
condoning of anti-Muslim policies and pogroms. Very recently, however, a
knowledgeable friend wrote me as follows:

"India is flirting with France -- French PM just came to India, and if I
recall correctly Advani just visited France. Meanwhile Vajpayee is verbally
opposing the war. It looks like India wants to extract its pound of flesh
from the US -- more explicit backing as satrap of South Asia. Or it could
be that the French visits relate just to the huge Airbus deal for Indian
Airlines -- over two billion dollars. After the decision was taken, Boeing
applied pressure and is getting the matter re-opened (it might have to take
a price cut). "


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