Labour and aristocrats

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> Lou Paulsen in response to Jose:
> > I don't think that is always true.  White male anglo workers have a
> > piece of the pie right this moment without doing anything at all.  In
> > places it might be the case that the easiest way for the white male
> > workers to get an even bigger piece is to allow themselves to be bribed
> > the capitalists
> How is it 'easiest' for white anglo workers to get this?
> For a start if something can be taken off the most oppressed and
> poorly-paid workers, it will go into the bosses' pockets.  If the white
> male worker wants it he will still have to fight the boss for it, so
> he'd actually be better off joining with the most oppressed and fighting
> against the boss.

This is only the case if the boss is stupid and shortsighted, and has no
political sense, and is actuated only by the most vulgar and immediate
market considerations, and has no prejudices of his/her own at all.

If, however, any of these things is the case, the boss may
well -pre-emptively- bribe a section of the workers precisely in order to
forestall class unity from emerging.  Or do you think bosses have never
realized that divisions are useful to them?


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