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Thu Feb 13 05:18:20 MST 2003

MK wrote:

It is quite instructive that those who take most exception to my arguments
are based in the English-speaking metropolitan countries themselves. DMS
seems to have a hang-up about the "British": possibly the result of watching
too many Hollywood movies starring Charles Dance as the stock villain.

(LP: First big test, let's see how I do)

Yes, most of the replies, but not all came from those headquartered in the
English speaking world.  Perhaps if you had presented your comments in
Spanish or German, and on another list, you would have received a more
diverse number of replies.  But you posted in English, on this list.

I might compose my reply to you in Spanish, French, or German if it's that
important to you, but that won't change the fact that I'm a New Yorker, and
you're advocating a "kinder, gentler imperialism,"  of the sort the French
practiced in.... exactly where?  Algeria? Vietnam? the first Gulf War?

This supposedly can be justified by creating a crack in the wall of US
imperial hegemony and all sane people should support their local progressive
national bourgeois gentler imperialists.   This argument is not new to say
the least.  And it takes many different forms, including "support the lesser
evil."  Like supporting the lesser evil, justifications and elaborations
based on splits in the imperial ruling class or self-deluding and are simply
another way to support the dominance of the ruling class and the ruling
system as a whole.  That is the historical content of attempts to ally with
a "progressive" imperial class.

I don't believe I've stated anything in my replies to you that would
indicate I have a hang-up about the British.  Like your previous assertion
that I had called you a "running dog," a "recidivist."  this hang-up exists
only in your own mind.  Interesting that your first post included Foot's
statement about all those in their right mind.   Doctor, heal thyself.

The issue is quite clearly that you seek to pressure, support, create even,
a progressive bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries.

I don't.  I seek to participate in an independent, international social
movement that, grasping that this war is the product of imperialism, whole
or cracked, opposes the war at its root, and mobilizes against all imperial
" codes of conduct," that are being launched against Iraq.

That's in a nutshell, for all those right or wrong minded.

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