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Guess we should both be thankful for slow days
at work, or home, etc.  I've had a couple of
slow days that have afforded me some time
to spend
considering your analysis.  It isn't
exactly time wasted, but I'm not sure the
marginal return has been worth the effort since
you do not confront the legacy of Marxists
supporting this or that "progressive" bourgeoisie,
an historical oxymoron to be sure.

1. Concerning Foot:  I did not ask for a more
precise and penetating analysis from Foot.  He may
or may not be capable of that.  I accept his
analysis, and your endorsement of it, for what it
is: an attempt to reconcile the needs of a
particular imperialism with the overwhelming
resistance of the domestic and international
populations. He is arguing, as you are, for the
occupation of Iraq by imperialism in the blue and
white of the UN, the French tricolor, the German
eagle, etc. etc.  And what occurs when the Iraqi
workers lead the struggle against that occupation,
against sanctions, against the submission of Iraq
to the new, progressive code of imperial dos and
donts? Then what happens?  Well you don't need
Madame Cleo, Cassandra, or the 3 Weird Sisters (I
realize these are all females, but the names of
male soothsayers escape me at the moment.) to
tell you what happens next.   Here's what happens
next: "Oh, Mr. Bush, might we borrow an air
craft carrier and corp or two of infantry?"

2.  Global capital is not homogenous capital. It
describes conditions where the economic metabolism
of any one country is part of an inter-
national capitalist system.  It makes every bit
of sense to refer to the history of the UK in
Iraq with that in mind.  It makes no sense to
suppose, given the history of international,
capital, that the crack in the imperial wall
is any more beneficial to the Iraqi people than
different roles cops assume when interrogating
a victim, the old good cop/bad cop charade: Bad cop
hits you 4 times in the face, and as he prepares
the 5th, the good cop steps in and says "Not so
hard."  (All dialogue verbatim from personal

3. Regarding Daimler Benz and Deutsche Bank "now
outgrowing their domestic base," that's not a NOW
thing, that's been going on for at least 30 years.
Benz auto plants in Argentina were used for
imprisonment and interrogation of activists during
the "dirty war."   Deutche Bank has been extemely
active in the emerging markets for years, par-
ticularly in Latin America and emerging Asian
markets.  And is that the kind of benevolent
imperialism you think holds out a shred of hope
for peace?  Surely you don't.  Of course, the
"leftward" movement of Schroeder is exactly an
attempt to capture the resistance to capital's war
and utilize it for his class's own needs.  For just
that reason he changed his position radically
regarding US intervention in Iraq.

You may think you are not advocating a kindler,
gentler imperialism, but indeed you are in your
endorsement of the Fr/Ger plan, and Foot's
article.  You may think you are making the Marxist
movement more relevant by slurring those who argue
against cross-class support as doctrinaire Puritans,
but you are the one making Marxism trivial, ir-
relevant, and powerless by lining up with the
illusion of a "progressive imperial bourgeoisie."
And the attempt to place the responsibility for
the Iraqi casualties on those who advocate,agitate,
act for independent action is worthy of the New
York Times, The Nation, and or Senators Biden and
Clinton.  Politics makes bedfellows all right, and
not always strange.  Turn over and see who's lying
next to you before you start making irresponsible

4. Regarding the grievous insult you sustained in
my reference to "National Enquirer" reporting--you
introduced the argument that child porn was being
held over Blair's head as one of the weapons used
to ensure UK compliance. To give that world-
historic significance is pure garbage.

5. Regarding my track record:  Did you read the
exchanges with Mr. Alec Grange?  His insular, smug,
dismissal of the anti-war movement because it was
not critical enough of Saddam Hussein; his homage
to the glory days, a future he hopes to create, of
the Labor Party?  Did you study his proposed non-
action in the face of imperial assault on Iraq?
I stand by every word I wrote in those exchanges.
His position really is the offspring of British
imperial insularity and arrogance, which by the way,
has US, French, and German equivalents.

6.  Regarding the commission of sins:  I am not
a religious person.  I don't believe in sin. In
my home country I participate in demonstrations,
and organizations, against the US led imperial
assault.  That may not be enough, in fact I'm
sure it isn't, but it is certainly not passive


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