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Michael Keaney michael.keaney at
Thu Feb 13 09:11:45 MST 2003

For some reason Alex's message hasn't come through yet -- I read via the
archives. However, very quickly...

I've dealt with Schröder's track record re Kosovo, Afghanistan, etc.
elsewhere. See

I have never endorsed the NATO adventurism in Kosovo, nor do I excuse German
involvement in that. However, just four years later circumstances are rather
different to say the least, and that is why we must appreciate Schröder's
current position in a different light.

"Nobody is suggesting some sort of EU superstate that could rival the U.S."

Yes they are. On this very list there are repeated incantations against such
a possibility by people haunted by the spirit of Karl Kautsky. Much as I
sympathise and agree with the sentiment, the objective facts just don't
square up. See Mark Jones' comments to that effect.

"P.S. your positions put you
squarely in line with the extreme
neo-nazi right in this country.  I
know that's a bit of an amalgamation,
so please excuse me, but you should
maybe keep your mouth shut about such
things before you pontificate."

You must read my postings more carefully because I do not accept for a
single millisecond that I am squarely in line with the extreme neo-nazi
right in any country, unless you have misunderstood them too. Maybe you
could back up your assertion by providing a comparative textual analysis of
what I have been saying with what the neo-nazi German right has been saying.
That would be a lot more convincing than a flat accusation designed to
discredit by association, however unintended.

And I would happily excuse you if you and other lurkers on this list with
far more direct experience of what is happening in Germany would actually
attend to the service of providing your comrades with a good analysis of
what is going on instead of repeating tired mantras in the style of a party
rally. And in fact, my mouth is usually shut before I pontificate, but
that's another story.

In my argumentation, I have tried wherever possible to provide evidence. A
check through the A-list archives may shed some light on how I have
formulated this position, which is still open to evolution. See

I welcome constructive debate from those interested in getting to the heart
of this crisis rather than simply rehearsing old slogans. However, I see
precious little by way of evidence refuting what I have said.

Now I have said enough -- I'll be back next week and I wish everyone well as
they demonstrate their opposition to imperialist warmongering.

Michael Keaney

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