Hooray for Paul Foot!

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Thu Feb 13 06:41:17 MST 2003


I don't mind refuting your points.  You should,
however understand the points you're making.
Foot's article and your endorsement thereof
are not at about coalition building.  Foot
states, and you
applaud that everyone in his or her right mind
should support the Chirac/Schroeder position.

The Chirac/Schroeder position is specifically
designed to represent their imperial interests
against Iraq while defusing the resistance of
their populations to imperialism as a whole.

That is the sound of both your hands clapping.

I have not caricatured your position.  You brought
forth the international growth of Gr. capital
as a new, "now," element in the array
of forces.  It's not new, it's not now and it does
not address Schroeder's change in position.

You wish to support Schroeder, give him backbone.
Although no great admirer of text quoting, this
is hardly the equivalent of critical support,
which Lenin, if memory serves me, describes as
the way "the rope supports the hanged man."

I am aware of how precarious politics are other
countries.  I doubt that you are, given your
need to manufacture a progressive imperial
bourgeoisie.   Rgarding that, two words:

I never over-generalised in my responses to
you.  I know it would have been convenient for
you had I done so.  Nor did I ever refer to
you as a running dog or a recidivist, etc.

I just think your wrong.  Flat out wrong.

And regarding you list of adjectives you attach
to New Yorkers, you left out the obvious one, the
one that all those others are code words for--

That might provoke me, MK.  Don't think you want

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