Double standards, anyone?

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Thu Feb 13 20:04:55 MST 2003

Louis Proyect wrote:

> In this list, accusations that somebody is backing
> the progressive bourgeoisie is a serious charge. It
leads to defensiveness and counter-charges.

It is not such a serious accusation if the recipient
really have that outlook. There are some in this list
who do, some who do but they did not notice.  In fact,
is not a charge at all, but a political

But, one can determine that his/her list should not
allow any kind of characterization of others and that
may be considered, then, an standard.  But a selected
number of participants in this list feel free to
insult, atttack and post any kind of nonsense about
some revolutionary Marxists, past and present, and
that is OK.

But if anyone implies that there are some comrades in
this list that resemble/defend/represent or otherwise
kind of coincide with the ideas/theories of Berstein
or Kautski then ... that is a "serious charge" that
leads to "defensiveness" and "counter-charges"...

Seems as if this represents inconsistency and
imbalance and that is only matched by the ideological
bias towards which side of the political spectrum the
"rules" are "interepreted" 


What we have to avoid, however, is a hair-trigger
> tendency to examine all sorts of posts for
violations of Marxist principles, especially when 
> you don't know much about the person against whom
> you are making the charge. 

But you have allowed charges of "ultra leftist",
"idiot",  and others to go unchallenged when they are
directed towards people you don't like even if you or
the others making the charge knows little or nothing
about the people who usually make the charges against.

If there are rules in this list that will be
interpreted, should be "interpreted" equally for
everyone, not just against those the guy with the
power to push the unsubbing button dislikes or
disagrees with.


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