To Fred Feldman on the 'agreement'

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Thu Feb 13 21:58:07 MST 2003

I agree with Lou Paulson on this both for the
reasons he gives and for another. Here we
are on the eve of (literally days away) from a
major world mobilization against the war in
Iraq, and here comes Rabbi Micheal Lerner
and his supporters organizing, in simple terms:

It's hardly because Lerner is a Zionist that he
has excluded himself, or even because he did
not, in fact, ask to speak at the SF protest.
There will be Zionist speakers at the protests,
how could there NOT be? Zionists who oppose
the war in Iraq for their own reasons, but who
are otherwise opposed to US intervention in
the Middle East are of course welcome.

A look at the signatures on the mass petition
which has been generated in support of Lerner
shows they're a very familiar bunch: they're the
crew which tried to dumb down Pacifica to the
level of NPR (Nearly Private Radio) not long ago.

We're going to have a broad range of views who
are protesting the war and that's good. We don't
need some sour grapes attacking elements
within the coalition from the platform.

Walter Lippmann

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