rade uniions in south Korea oppose Iraq war and threats to north

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Feb 14 03:28:21 MST 2003

Statement by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

The U.S. should stop immediately the war against Iraq and the military
threat imposed on Korea peninsula!! -- Participating in the international
day of action for peace and against war on February 15

Facing the eve of war on Iraq and the increasing threat of war on Korean
peninsula by the U.S. imperialist, we, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions,
on behalf of working people in our country, express our warm solidarity to
the international campaign against war and will join the international day
of action on February 15 in collaboration with various Korean people's and
social movements.

The U.S. had attacked Afghanistan using the excuse of 'war against
terrorism' after Sept. 11. It resulted in tremendous victims and sufferings
of innocent Afghanistan civilians. After the invasion of Afghanistan, the
U.S. has shifted its military target into Iraq under the plea of a big
threat to its security. Although there is no convincing evidence that the
Hussein regime is supporting terrorism and developing weapons of mass
destruction, a military action on Iraq seems imminent and the U.S. is now
even touting the possibility of using nuclear weapons. In spite of
international public opinion of anti-war, the U.S. declares unilateral
invasion regardless of the absence of the consensus of the international
community. Military action in Iraq not only threatens the livelihood of
Iraqi people but also jeopardizes the safety and security of the entire

The U.S. is driving another war in the Korean peninsula addressing the North
Korea nuclear issue. The U.S. has not only threatened North Korea with
preemptive nuclear strike but also suspended the supply of heavy oil to the
North, followed by the suspension of food aid. Regardless of the demands of
the Korean people to solve the issue in a peaceful manner, the U.S. has
increased military tension over the Korean peninsula by pushing ahead with
additional military deployment. The threat of war on the Korean peninsula
becomes more and more serious. We can confirm it in the open comment of
"Next to North Korea" by British Prime Minister Blair.

We, the KCTU, oppose a US led war against Iraq and its unilateral
militarism. We, the KCTU, oppose any plans of the Korean government to join
the military action in Iraq which serves merely for anti-humanitarian mass
destruction or to lend any form of support to the invasion of Iraq. We, the
KCTU, ask the international community not to cooperate with the war against

In South Korea, the candlelight vigils to mourn the two teenage schoolgirls
run over by a U.S. military vehicle shortly after the start of the World Cup
is evolving into an anti-war campaign, not only for the normalisation of the
unequal relation between Korea and U.S., but also for world peace. The
candlelight vigils reflect justifiable demands of the Korean people to
eradicate all kinds of crimes that have been committed by U.S. troops for
more than the last 50 years. The Korean people also demand an end to unequal

Taking the opportunity of international day of action against war on Feb.
15, we, the KCTU, will struggle against war on Iraq and US military
hegemonic project, which threaten the peace of Korean peninsula, in
solidarity with workers and all peace loving people over the world.


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