Melbourne Anti war protest

Kay McVey katsummerland at
Fri Feb 14 03:37:50 MST 2003

It is 9.30 here in Melbourne on 14 February.  I have
just returned from the largest political demonstration
ever in Melbourne.  Make love not war was definitely
the message on this Valentine's Day.

Like the recent Washington DC demo it was so huge it
is difficult to tell the numbers.  Mayber Tom or Jeff
have that detail.  Well over 150,000.  Which makes it
bigger than the first Anti Kennet demo in late 1992
and larger than the anti Vietnam war mobilisations. 
We stopped the city and took over the central city
blocks for around four hours.

There was a deliberate message of no to war and defend
the Iraqi people.  

Even the Anglican Cathedral here is draped in a huge
white banner with Peace not War in bold red letters.

With this being probably the first demo in a weekend
of actions globally the message cannot be ignored by
Bush, Howard, Blair or the UN.  The message here was
no war period.  Drop the sanctions.


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