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Flowers of peace to Embassies - Fiji Anti War Movement
Friday, 14 February 2003, 10:02 am
Press Release: Fiji Anti-war Movement

Flowers of peace to Embassies - Fiji Anti War Movement
Fiji Anti-War Movement Media Advisory

Flowers for peace to Embassies

Date: Friday 14 February 2003 Venue: From the Fiji Women's Crisis
Centre office to British and US Embassies Time: 9.30 am

Attention Editors:

The Fiji Anti War Movement (FAWM) will this Friday, 14 February,
Valentines Day, a day that symbolizes love, join the global
movement against war in Iraq and present to the representatives
of the United States, Britain and Australia a bouquet of flowers
urging that their governments bow to the growing international
conviction that there are better alternatives to war.

Movement representatives will meet at the Fiji Women's Crisis
Centre at 9.30 am to brief the media, and then walk to the
British High Commission where a bouquet of flowers with the words
"Don't kill love by making war" will be delivered.

The British Deputy High Commissioner to Fiji, Mr. Christopher
Haslam will accept the flowers.

FAWM representatives will then walk to the US Embassy to deliver
another bouquet of flowers, which will be accepted by the First
Secretary of the US Embassy in Fiji, Mr. Ted Seay.

Flowers will also be sent to the Australian High Commission.

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