Labour and aristocrats

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White privilege is the key strategic obstacle to the development of a
revolutionary working class movement in the U.S.  Based on this record
we can argue that the fight for national liberation and socialism in
the U.S.  should be led by majority oppressed nationality

The dominant theme in looking back over U.S. history is that the
system of racial privilege has worked to undercut the alliance of
European Americans with the struggles of oppressed nationality
peoples. When united struggles have developed, they were often driven
by necessity - white leaders looking for additional support when
confronted with difficult circumstances.  Betrayal by one-time white
allies is a common theme, but there are examples of principled
solidarity as well that can be built on.

Bacon's Rebellion: A review of Bacon's Rebellion will show it to be
the highest form of joint struggle by black and white indentured
servants and freemen during the colonial period. Contradictions in the
alliance, however, undercut the unity that existed - a pattern that
recurred later during both the War for Independence and Civil War.

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