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The following includes Henry C. K. Liu as a reference.

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The Real but Unspoken Reasons for the Upcoming Iraq War (english) Sunday 26 Jan
author: W. Clark (wrc92 at

Although completely suppressed in the U.S. media, the answer to the Iraq enigma
is simple yet shocking - it an an oil CURRENCY war. The Real Reason for this
upcoming war is this administration's goal of preventing further OPEC momentum
towards the euro as an oil transaction currency standard. However, in order to
pre-empt OPEC, they need to gain geo-strategic control of Iraq along with its
2nd largest proven oil reserves. This lengthy essay will discuss the
macroeconomics of the "petro-dollar" and the unpublicized but real threat to
U.S. economic hegemony from the euro as an alternative oil transaction currency.

... main body cut, see link above for complete text.

For those who would like to review the impact of depleting hydrocarbon reserves
from the geo-political perspective, and the potential ramifications to how this
may ultimately create an erosion of our civil liberties and democratic
processes, retired U.S. Special Forces officer Stan Goff offers a sobering
analysis in his essay: "The Infinite War and Its Roots" (20). Likewise, for
those who wish to review the unspeakable evidence surrounding the September 11th
tragedy, the controversial essay "The Enemy Within" by the famous American
writer Gore Vidal offers a thorough introduction. Although published in Italy
and a major UK newspaper, The Observer, you will not read Gore Vidal's
controversial essay in the U.S. media. Note: Gore Vidal's latest book, ˜Dreaming
War" features this as the opening essay (21). Finally, ˜The War on Freedom" by
British political scientist Nafeez Ahmed asks disconcerting questions about the
9/11 tragedy (22).


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