Quebec's Union of Progressive Forces

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Reply to Greg Dunkel:

The article was a draft. I will be revising it slightly in light of critical
comment by a few UFP members to whom it was circulated, and then sending it
to some personal contacts. Basically, I just wanted to alert comrades to an
important development that has gone unreported outside Quebec.

The web site is in French, yes, but I just learned that the UFP has arranged
to translate its platform into English and probably Spanish, possibly other
languages. They will likely provide links to these translations on their
site. I monitor it daily, and will let list members know if and when this

Richard Fidler

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 Ít was an interesting article.  Where did it appear? Given that Montreal is
closer to New York City than Buffalo is, it is surprising that there is less
mention of what happens there than what happens there -- which is a
convoluted way of saying less than not much.

It should be pointed out, tho it is implicit, that the website is in French.


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