Lerner's redbaiting campaign

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 14 10:48:31 MST 2003

Micheal Lerner is a known quantity and it's
no surprise that he did what he did. This is
who he has always been. No news in this!

There are plenty of others who are opposed
to this war, who hold Zionist political views
but who won't be attacking other participants
in the anti-war struggle from the platform of
the movement. It was fully correct to have
not invited Lerner in the first place. No one
has a "right" to speak at one of these demos.

The campaign which has been waged in the
pinkish media against Lerner's "exclusion"
(which never happened) reflects an effort to
divert public attention from the most critical
task of the hour: bring out the largest protest
ever against Washington's war moves. That
is the real meaning and function of the so-
called "Lerner affair".

Walter Lippmann

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