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Fri Feb 14 14:00:26 MST 2003

Hi Louis,

This is a _very_ preliminary report on how this evil sheep shagging town
went mad yesterday. I would have reported last night, but, well, I went
to the pub. 1.5% of the population of one of the most conservative
places in Australia came out and demonstrated against the war.

Could you please forward the bit below the to the list. It might
brighten up the day of a comrade or two.


I finished work early yesterday, so I got to see half of the local
antiwar rally.

Originally, when the demo was called for 11.30 on a Friday morning, I
was more than a little skeptical. I basically thought that it was a
bunch of the faithful doing their faith thing.

I was right. That's what it was. _Except_ that I didn't allow for the
Mayor and the Catholic Bishop, and about five of the local high schools,
and a couple of hundred innocent bystanders dropping in. Or three TV
stations, and at least a couple of newspapers, and probably some radio
stations, (but I don't spend much time listening to the radio).


A few days ago, I was still excited about the previous Toowoomba rally,
which was the biggest thing here since the Vietnam war. We got something
between 2-3 times the number of people yesterday.

With a bit of luck I will have a formal report in Green Left Weekly in
the not too distant future.

These demos are getting a bit big. 1000 people in Toowoomba is about
1.5% of the entire population. Toowoomba is one of the most conservative
places in Australia. We are in the Vietnam war zone here...

Quote of the day, from a Toowoomba teenager: "What is the difference
between terrorism and war? Mass media coverage."

Most of the high school students that showed up were from private
schools (not all Catholic), but the state school kids that played truant
got a huge round of applause from people that normally wouldn't approve
of such things.

Alan Bradley


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