Follow-up from Alan Bradley

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Feb 14 14:23:22 MST 2003

From: Kay McVey
 > Like the recent Washington DC demo it was so huge it
 > is difficult to tell the numbers.  Maybe Tom or Jeff
 > have that detail.  Well over 150,000.  Which makes it
 > bigger than the first Anti Kennet demo in late 1992

I was at the anti-Kennett in '92. You've got me gobsmacked. That was HUGE!

Really. That was the largest demo I've ever attended. It was, umm, big.
And you're saying this was bigger?


Yesterday, a thousand people rolled up to a demo in Toowoomba. This
is... good.

This campaign is in the Vietnam zone. That's really all you can say.

Alan Bradley


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