150,000 protest in war in Melbourne, Australia

Kim Bullimore k_bullimore at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 14 14:51:31 MST 2003

What a great turn out in Melbourne!  I saw some of the initail coverage of
the rally on the commercial news channels about an hour into the rally
(rally started at 5pm) before I had to go out.  Melbourne city was grid
locked for blocks!

Heard from comrades in Melbourne that the atmosphere was electric.  Comrades
are saying the numbers were closer to between 200,000 and 250,000.

I am definitely starting to think, that the estimation of a mininum of
50,000 in Sydney tommorrow is waaayyyy to conservative.  Let's hope we get a
similar turn out if not bigger (everyone I spoke to yesterday when I was on
campaigning stalls seem to already know about it!)

The last big rally of that size in Sydney was the Habour Bridge walk for
Aboriginal Reconciliation (about 250,000) and that was amazing, all I could
think of at the time was that it was a "sea of humanity" flowing by (we were
at the bridge for about 3 hours, before the our contingent marched).   This,
however, I think will be even more inspiring and militant.

Best of comradely wishes to everyone this weekend!

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