more figures on anti- rallies around Australia

Kim Bullimore k_bullimore at
Sat Feb 15 01:17:47 MST 2003

More anti-war rallies took place around Australia today:

In Newcastle (about an hour and half from Sydney and a "steel" town) around
18,000 to 20,000 rallied (which is HUGE for Newcastle !!)

In Canberra around 15,000

Geelong (about an hour from Melbourne): 150 (most people probably all went
to the Melbourne rally of 200,000 on Friday night)

Hobart (Tasmania): between 18,000 - 20, 000 (media says 10,000).  Bigger
than any of the Franklin Dam protests in the 80s.

Launceston (Also in Tasmania) round 3000

Melbourne (on Friday night): between 200,000 and 250, 000 (media and cops
saying around 150,000)

Perth (Western Australia) 20,000 -30,000

Mackay (central Queenlsand) 1500 (this is a huge number for Mackay - like
Toowoomba, a very conservative place)

Albany (south Western Australia) 500

Byron Bay (central New South Wales) 2000

So far the total is: between 300,000 and 320,000 people have taken to the
street in Australia (more rallies to come tommorrow in Sydney, Darwin,
Adelaide and Brisbane and else where).

Also, just heard on the news that 14,000 rallied in Auckland and Wellington
in New Zealand as well.

Kim B

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