"We're not going to be the silent majority any longer"

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LA Times
February 15, 2003

Not Your Parents' Protesters in Iraq Fight

Many of the latest brand of antiwar activists are first-timers from a wide
spectrum of society. It's far different from the Vietnam-era mix.

By Rone Tempest, Times Staff Writer

Flanked by her husband and her daughters, ages 4 and 5, Jenna Latt joined
the peace movement late last year, first attending a candlelight vigil in
Hollywood and then walking in an antiwar march in Los Angeles in January.

Latt is typical of the country's new brand of antiwar activists who have no
prior connection to such movements and almost no previous political
experience. These neophyte protesters have been turning out by the tens of
thousands on a scale not seen since the Vietnam War.

The new movement is a broad amalgam of religious groups, labor and
environmental organizations, nonprofit groups and anti-globalization
campaigns knit together by the Internet. Many of the participants differ in
their politics, but so far they have been able to subordinate clashing
ideologies and agendas to a common purpose.

Latt, an environmental engineer from South Pasadena, decided to demonstrate
against the war in October when Congress passed a resolution authorizing
the president to attack Iraq, a move she says she found alarming.

"We're not going to be the silent majority any longer," she recalled thinking.

The Latts plan to march again today, this time with Jenna's mother in tow.
"She's real angry," Latt said of her mother.

"The main characteristic of these marches is the huge number of
first-timers," said Ted Lewis, 44, a lifelong pacifist who works for the
San Francisco human rights organization Global Exchange. "I'm one of those
people who used to think that 400 to 500 people was a really big demo."

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