Baghdad to Fall on Day One?

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Sat Feb 15 07:13:43 MST 2003

I think I would be rather skeptical about the US trying to
seize Baghdad on day one of the war.  The seizure of
oil fields, immediately?  Yes, on that one, otherwise
why would they be invading Iraq in the first place.
The rest of this looks like typical Pentagon
disinformation.  Unless, they are terribly stupid
(and I don't think they are), the Pentagon is not
going to release the details of their war plans
prior to the invasion.

Jim F.

On Sat, 15 Feb 2003 08:58:27 -0500 "M. Junaid Alam" <redjaguar at>
> Troops plan to storm Baghdad on first day of battle
> By Julian Borger in Washington
> February 15 2003
> In new United States war plans, thousands of helicopter-borne troops
> and
> paratroopers would be flown deep into Iraq to seize oilfields, dams
> and
> banned weapons, and advance as far as Baghdad on day one of
> fighting,
> according to Pentagon officials.
> President George Bush met his top field commander, General Tommy
> Franks,
> on Thursday to review plans quite unlike those used in the last Gulf
> war. That began with weeks of aerial bombardment, but the US
> suspicion
> that Saddam Hussein will try to wreck his country rather than
> surrender
> dictates that ground troops would be involved in the fighting on the
> same day as the air force or even before.
> "I think the targets will be aimed at decapitation," one US defence
> official said. "You want to take away all his capabilities to
> respond
> with any WMD [weapons of mass destruction]. You don't want him to
> blow
> his dams, set fire to oilfields, or fire Scud missiles at
> neighbouring
> countries. You also want to put him immediately in a box in Baghdad
> and
> Tikrit."

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