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Sat Feb 15 14:51:02 MST 2003

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And I just got home from the Toronto demo, which was by far the largest
antiwar demo in this city's history.  The news media are saying 10,000;
organisers estimated publicly at the rally upwards of 30,000.  All I
know is if we'd got a crowd that size 35 years ago over Viet Nam we'd
have shat ourselves from pure delight.  The head of the march was
arriving at Metro Hall as the tail was just leaving Dundas Square.  The
police were keeping us much farther away from the US consulate on
University Ave. than they ever did in the old days.

The new national NDP leader, Jack Layton, addressed the crowd at the
end, calling on Chretien to show some backbone and stand up to Bush.
That, of course, will be a cold day in Hell.

I saw the IS, the Sparts, the SEP, and Socialist Action, including a few
old friends and antagonists.  The CP, the Communist Workers Party of
Iran, and official contingents from the OSSTF, the CAW, the OPSEU, and
other unions were also in evidence, as were tons of New Democrats,
Christians of various stripes, etc.

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