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A Long Term Strategy for the Antiwar Movement
By Sebastian Robles

February 2003 
“America has no empire to extend 
-George W. Bush, June 2002

“[America] has no territorial ambitions. We don't seek
an empire.” -George W. Bush, November 2002

US President George W. Bush’s assurances
notwithstanding, the global antiwar movement has
managed to delay the US’ imperial plans to attack and
occupy Iraq for over a year and widened the
differences among various imperialist countries, a
major tactical victory. Now the question is how to
keep this tactical victory from being co-opted by
imperialist rivalries and thus transformed into
defeat, and how to advance to the real solution to
war, poverty, desperation, terrorism ...How to secure
the strategic victory of workers and youth. 

It is no secret that the US was ready to move into the
Middle East immediately after the end of the bombing
campaign on Afghanistan more than a year ago. All
circumstances were favorable for the US ruling class
and the Bush administration to go to the second stage
of its global offensive against the world: they had
broad support at home, including almost unanimous
support in Congress, a reactionary conjuncture imposed
upon the country after September 11, and the military
means to do the job. However, US interests in the
Middle East clash with those of France, Germany,
Russia and China. A huge international antiwar
movement poured through this crack between the world’s
main imperial powers and threw a monkey wrench into
Bush’s war drive, slowing down the military offensive
and, in turn, worsening the inter-imperialist
contradictions between the US and Europe.

Read the entire article and the Dossier "No War for
Empire" at

The Dossier Includes:

* Developing anti-imperialist Consciousness
Mass demonstrations around the world; the experience
of ordinary people; the refusal of the ruling class to
make concessions.

* The Collapse of the Old World Order
NATO and the UN crisis. The end of the cold war and
the end of the anticommunist alliances.

* The Era of Imperialist Senility and Death Agony
Scarcier oil, water, crisis of the world imperialist
productive machinery, drop in the worldwide rate of
profits and the environmental catasthrophe ...

* A New Imperialist Club of Nations VS. Unilateral US
Empire Building The increasing rift between imperial
powers for the control of vital regions of the world.

* US Military/Political Offensive: The Empire Building

* The Iraq crisis, the Dynamic of Military
Intervention and the need for a New Left

* The Building of an Empire Without Trickle Down
Benefits for the Working Class of the Metropolis?

* Perspectives: Iraq is One of Many Battlefields
Iran, North Korea, Yemen? Colombia, Bolivia ...?

Read the entire dossier at:

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