Kane County, Illinois

LouPaulsen LouPaulsen at attbi.com
Sat Feb 15 16:39:44 MST 2003

A report from a correspondent.  This is about 40 miles west of Chicago:

The peace demostration on the bridge across the Fox River on Rte. 64 in
mid-town St. Charles, IL was wonderful in that there were approximately 250
people, despite the very cold and quite windy day.  (I literally counted at
about 11:30 this morning and got beyond 200;  later our line expanded in
length on both sides of the bridge;  but people came and went, so probably
the most we might have had at any one point was 300.)
   Many people carried excellent signs and banners.  The vast majority of
people in passing cars and trucks were supportive, either waving or blowing
their horns (in response to "honk for peace" signs) or flashing a "V" for
peace symbol or a "thumbs up" to the demostrators;   as usual, many people
showed no interest or response one way or the other, and a very few flashed
either a thumbs down OR a rude symbol or a gesture of disgust--but I repeat
relatively few!
We were happy that so many people of all ages, sizes, and colors attended;
I myself spoke to 3 people from London, Eng. (now residents of the Fox
Valley).  We are eager to learn about the Chicago march, as well as those in
the the rest of the country and the world today;  but we will be skeptical
of whatever numbers we hear reported.

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