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Sat Feb 15 17:05:16 MST 2003

An unusual amount of snow fell yesterday, and it was freezing cold
today, too, but about 800 of us marched against the war on Iraq,
starting from the Goodale Park at 11:45 AM, down High Street, to the
Federal Building (@ 200 High St.) in downtown Columbus, OH.  During
the march, we briefly took the street, until a dozen of cop cars came
down on us.  Protesters were diverse -- from first-timers to seasoned
religious leftists, from young anarchists (in a small militant bloc)
to assorted socialists (ranging from DSA to RCP), from Greens to
Muslim activists, etc.  We even had a tiny contingent of "puppies for
peace," a couple of dogs wearing peace slogans.  We had papier-mache
"Empty Warheads" of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld (which, to be honest,
did not look like them very much) and three big cardboard missiles
with Bush's face printed on them, colorful banners and handmade
signs.  As usual with any major day of action, I ran into many old
friends -- including Justin Schwartz (some of you here remember him)!

Up in the Clintonville area (to the north of the Ohio State
University campus area), additional 200 people ("Clintonville
Families for Peace") gathered and rallied against the war.

Not shabby for the Middle of Middle America.


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