another NYC report

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Sat Feb 15 17:14:54 MST 2003

My 9 year-old son and I were among those bottled in on 3rd Ave. The police
had blocked off the north end of 3rd Ave., between 50th and 51st St.,
people were seated or standing in the street and the sidewalks, playing
drums and dancing or waiting peacefully. Police began shoving the crowd
back from the west side of the street, demanding that we go up on the
sidewalk, which were jammed, since the cops had blocked the side streets.
They then brought in empty NYCTA buses and stopped them in the street. Then
mounted cops began launching their horses against the north end of the
crowd, including protestors who were already on the sidewalk. My son and I
were pressed up against the plexiglass enclosure of a deli for several
minutes. As the mounted assault continued, we were able to make our way
south to where the police were allowing a trickle of people to exit west
through the barricade.

I was more frightened than my son, who thought up a slogan: "If a bear
attacks, we hold our ground; if a bully attacks, we hold our ground; if a
thousand cops attack, we hold our ground!"


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