Iraq's Defense Plan - and Possibly US Alibi for Civilian Suffering (courtesy of NY Times)

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Sat Feb 15 18:01:41 MST 2003

This part is my favorite:

"'We have indications that their goal is to delay, impede and deny U.S.
forces a clear and quick victory,' a defense official said."

No shit, dude.
Iraq Said to Plan Strategy of Delay and Urban Battle

ASHINGTON, Feb. 15 - Iraq's strategy to thwart a United States-led
attack calls for slowing advances by American troops toward Baghdad and
then confronting them with the prospect of a bloody street battle in the
Iraqi capital, according to American intelligence.

To impede American and allied forces, Saddam Hussein's administration
has developed plans to blow up dams, destroy bridges and ignite its oil
fields, United States Defense Department officials say. They say Iraq
may also deny food to Iraqi civilians in the southern parts of the
country to try to create a crisis that would saddle advancing allied
forces with the responsibility of caring for millions of desperate Iraqi

Once American and allied forces approach Baghdad, they will encounter
two defensive rings of elite Republican Guard forces, the Defense
Department officials say. Many of the Republican Guard forces are now
dispersed, a move that is intended to help them survive the airstrikes
that would open the allied campaign. But as allied ground forces
approach Baghdad, the Iraqis are expected to rush to fighting positions
that have already been stocked with ammunition and supplies.

Some Republican Guard units are equipped with chemical protective gear,
as are Special Republican Guard units and some intelligence and security
forces inside Baghdad, according to intelligence reports. This is one of
several signs that have led American officials to conclude that Iraq
will try to use poison gas or germ weapons against the American and
allied forces.

American intelligence officials have also concluded that it is likely
that Iraq will try to strike Israel with Scud missiles, which they said
could be armed with poison gas or germ warheads.

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