NYTimes Magazine In-Depth on Jewish Settlements

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at attbi.com
Sat Feb 15 20:33:32 MST 2003

This part caught my attention (page 2):

"According to Ezra Rosenfeld, a spokesman for the Yesha Council, the low
profile is by design. ''There is a time for everything,'' he told me and
then sketched out a potential series of events for the next few months.
''Let's say there's a war in Iraq. Well, then the government can build
10,000 new housing units in Judea and Samaria'' -- the biblical names
for the area that settlers prefer to use -- ''and it won't be on the
front pages or all over the talk shows. So in the meantime, we can do
this with the outposts. The government's hands are clean; they have no
involvement. It's small potatoes, so it doesn't get covered outside of

It is this Israel, Dayan's "live by the sword" expansionism, and not a
handful of the weak 'peace coalition' people marching around in Tel
Aviv, that is a decisive catalyst and igniter of further consequences.

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