Feb. 16 - Washington Post uses petition to attack ANSWER

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Sun Feb 16 00:07:37 MST 2003

Washington Post:

> Yet over the last several days, ANSWER's politics
> have created a rift within the leadership of the
> antiwar movement

My reading of the article is slightly different Lou. They are not
attacking ANSWER. They are attacking the antiwar movement using
ANSWER and Lerner. Moreover, they are distorting reality. From
the above statement it appears as if there is some leadership of
this movement. I want to know who these leaders are. There are
those who work hard on the organizing and deserve respect for
that but I don't see any leaders. Not only that, I don't accept
anybody's leadership. From Dili to Sacramento, from Athens to
Rome, from Istanbul to London, this movement is truly global. How
can any person or group of persons claim leadership?

One last thing: This is not just American politics anymore. You
have responsibilities to your brothers and sisters all around the
world. Please be careful, for all of us.


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