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Sun Feb 16 05:34:00 MST 2003

At 09:34  16/02/03 -0800, Nick wrote:
>One thing Gary seemd to miss was Labor leader Simon Crean's speech and
>it's reception. He came on after an enthusiastic welcome by the MC, Labor
>mayor Jim Soorley (apparently the Laborites unilaterally on the day
>changed the speaking order agreed to by the organising coalition and put
>Crean first).

I could not get any where near the stage where the speakers were. I had no
idea that Crean was speaking.  I would certainly have booed.  Am dismayed
but not at all surprised about Brown's support for the European plan.  He
is a liberal nothing more nothing less.  Has no understanding whatsoever of
capitalism but for all that makes some very good points and in many ways is
transparently a man of principle.  Certainly the shabby Laborites make him
look good.

I don't think that Crean's 'Support the UN' line had much purchase on those
who march.  They are drawn from the 40% who oppose any war and the goodly
share of those who, while they say they back the UN,  really do not want a war.

Howard has argued that Crean's is a pro-war position. However this is a
pro-UN war stance and Howard pointed out that as such it was not
essentially different from his own pro-war position and of course Howard is

The problem with Crean is that is not a single strand of his being which in
any way contemplates even the slightest moment of transcendence of that
which is.  He cannot inspire because there is no spark of the ethical
within him.  His soul was long ago forged in the fires of Labor pragmatism
and all the spin doctoring he relies on only makes all that worse.

That is why he has been unable to capitalize on Howard's extremely weak
position. Thousands upon thousands have taken to the streets in Australia
and around the world and Crean can not tap into that movement.

Pathetic - truly.



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