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Sun Feb 16 05:17:02 MST 2003 News Update
>February 15, 2003:
> is back.  Please spread the word.  There are loads of new
>articles on the website.  Take a look.
>If it does not yet work for you, it should be up in a matter of hours.
>" returns to help stave off a disintegrating world order"
>Printed on Saturday, February 15, 2003 @ 05:05:13 EST
>By Erich Marquardt
>Editor and Publisher of
>( - After six days of being offline due to a "suspended"
>account, is publishing again. The reason for our brief
>shutdown was that our web hosting provider,, claimed that we
>using too many of their resources; due to a small stipulation in their
>use policy, no site can use more than 10 percent of their server
>Jumpline informed us that we were using over 10 percent and therefore our
>account had to be "suspended." We had no way to verify how many resources
>were using but simply had to accept the hosting company's accusations.
>Some have speculated that if was indeed using 10 percent
>Jumpline's resources, it may have been due to various forms of hacker
>that our website receives. In addition to e-mail attacks, where hacker
>spoof our e-mail addresses or try and flood us with viruses, we also may
>fallen victim to denial of service attacks. These attacks can overload
>servers and may have been a reason why our hosting company dropped our
>Either way, is back up again at a new hosting provider. We
>will continue to publish the news and views that we find missing from the
>mainstream media. Despite outside threats, we will also continue to
>the views of former Iraqi nuclear scientist Imad Khadduri who now lives in
>Canada. Khadduri, who had a series of his articles printed in YT, has now
>approached by various segments of the mainstream media. In addition to
>speaking on the Canadian Broadcasting Center, Khadduri has done interviews
>with a variety of radio shows and publications.
>Khadduri, who has an extensive history of working with Iraq's nuclear
>declares that Iraq cannot possibly have nuclear weapons. As stated in his
>articles, after the Gulf War Iraq's infrastructure was devastated and the
>nuclear program fell apart. This seems to be corroborated by the recent
>reports from the International Atomic Energy Administration (IAEA). The
>importance of Khadduri's columns cannot be underestimated. The United
>is on the verge of preemptively striking Iraq. The use of the U.S.
military in
>this manner will be devastating to global society.
>The military strategy that the U.S. government has proposed in Iraq will
>result in the death of at least ten thousand innocent Iraqi civilians.
>have suggested that this number could reach into the hundreds of
>Facing such a high casualty rate, we must, as a global society, look for
>alternatives to the use of force.
>The international institution that moderates our global society, the
>Nations, is still debating what actions to take in regards to the Saddam
>Hussein regime in Iraq.
>The danger is that the United States may destroy the very fabric that
>holds together some form of global order. By ignoring the United Nations
>unilaterally attacking Iraq, the United States could unravel the last few
>strands holding the tenuous international order together.
>A world where countries act as they wish, overriding international
>organizations and agreements, is not a world that the staff of
>wants to live in. This type of world, where "might makes right," would
lead to
>even greater injustices against humanity than we experience now.
Therefore, we
>are happy to bring the views of YT back to our readership in order to help
>stave off a deteriorating global society.
>I would like to thank all of our readers who sent us supportive e-mails
>our downtime. We received so many kind letters and I apologize if we
>have time to reply to them all. I also would like to thank the many
>publications that carried our articles while we were offline. We are glad
>be back.
>[Erich Marquardt is the editor and publisher of]
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