Chicago and Racism

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> > Andy Thayer of the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network (he is one of the
> > stalwarts of the Chicago Coalition against War and Racism at
> > which was the leading sponsor of the action)
> I was never clear on what the term sponsor meant.  My impression from
> meetings was that immigrant communities themselves did most of the
> organising, Ifti Nasim in particular.  He unfortunately had a
> heartattack the day before (or of) the demo and could not attend.
> Andy continually refered to him as the main organizer and made sure to
> get a recording of the crowd cheering for Ifti.

That's quite true - sincere thanks for the addition/correction.  My sentence
really should have read something like 'leading sponsor of the action from
among the traditional antiwar movement' or some such thing.


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