As millions say no, NY Times demands UNSC vote war resolution and Wash. Post redbaiting

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Sun Feb 16 10:14:49 MST 2003

Although this is just more speculation, isn't it conceivable that the
ruling class now has an interest in biding th their time? They've seen the
depth and breadth of anti-war sentiment, and they know that if Bush throws
U.S. forces into Iraq at this moment, it will only fan the flames, unite,
broaden and deepen the antiwar movement even further. But, they're playing
another card, now, aren't they? In the pages and microphones of their major
mouthpieces like the Wall Street Jornal, New York Times and Washington
Post, as well as through their toy poodles like Corn, Lerner, etc., they're
playing the divide and conquer game, directed first and foremost at ANSWER.
They also know that there is no better environment to play that game than a
period of uncertainty and apparent inaction, aware that "idle hands..." Our
response (Lou P.) shouldn't be to write to the Post to complain that they
have their facts regarding this incident wrong, but rather that we won't
stand for their attempts to divide us!


>Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 09:28:29 -0500
>From: "Fred  Feldman" <ffeldman at>
>Subject: As millions say no, NY Times demands UNSC vote war resolution
>The following editorial appeared on February 15, when the times already knew
>that millions in the United States and around the world would be protesting
>the ongoing war in Iraq and its approaching massive escalation.  The
>editorial shows the bitter and desperate determination of the U.S. ruling
>class (not just an extreme right wing around Bush but the ruling class as a
>whole) to have this war.
>In the news pages, the Times' analysts have been suggesting a further thirty
>day delay, admitting that there is no reason to assume the United Nations
>Security Council would be more amenable than it is now.  The French
>imperialists have proposed a thirty day effort to complete the disarming of
>Iraq.  (It is my impression that people -- not just radicalizing students
>but "mainstrean" adults-- are beginning to catch on to the outrageous
>character of these demands from the  countries with giant and varied
>arsenals that their intended victims surrender their weapons.)

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