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Alex LoCascio wrote:
 > US to punish German 'treachery'
 > Peter Beaumont, David Roseand Paul Beaver
 > Sunday February 16, 2003
 > The Observer
 > America is to punish Germany for leading international opposition to a 
war against Iraq. The US will withdraw all its troops and bases from there 
and end military and industrial co-operation between the two countries - 
moves that could cost the Germans billions of euros.

If they do this it would be perceived as a major victory for the German 
peace movement, which has been demanding the withdrawal of American troops 
for years.

I'm not certain that even Rumsfeld is stupid enough to hand such a 
"victory" to the anti-war movement, particularly since the Schröder 
government is playing a double game - Germany is still the major staging 
post for the US deployment in the Middle East. Transferring these major 
bases will cost billions of dollars.

Einde O'Callaghan

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