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Sun Feb 16 15:15:59 MST 2003

At 01:28  16/02/03 +0000,Paul wrote:

>We won't stop this war, and I reckon that the veto will not be used at the
>UN Security Council. But Bush and Blair and other poodles like Howard know
>that it will go ahead without public support. I don't think that even a Bay
>of Tonkin-style incident will bring them support. People do not believe in
>this Al Qaeda/Iraq link up that Bush & Co keep touting, and quite rightly
A veto may not be required, Paul. Bush needs nine votes on the Security
Council.  Reports todate suggest he has only three - USA, Britain and
Bulgaria. In any case what the demonstrations have done is to make the
political cost of going to war, a very heavy one.

Blair and Howard's problems are almost identical except in quantitative
terms Britain is a much more significant "poodle" than Australia. Neither
Blair nor Howard understood the sea change that has taken place in the mood
of the world.  I do not think it is an exaggeration to put it like that.

In addition their boss, George W. Bush is very unmarketable outside the
USA. The other night I watched my younger son looking in fascinated horror
at Bush stumbling through a press conference groping for some cliche his
speech writers had dreamed up. Interestingly my son said 'That's the man
who is about to destroy the world and he cannot think.' My son's reaction
is typical, I believe of his entire generation.

On the demonstration Daniel, a young Aboriginal Australian who is part of
my extended family, had a hand painted sign which said on one side "Howard
is a maniacal idiot" and on the other he had written "Bush is just the
worst thing there is".

Daniel is a classic representative of the apolitical alternative youth
culture. That he should attend the rally and produce his own sign was for
me quite a shock.  But it also tells of the kind of problems that Blair and
Howard have created for themselves.

BTW congratulations to all who attended the LONDON RALLY.  It has had an
enormous impact on us down under. You may not be able to play cricket or
soccer but...



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