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Sun Feb 16 17:32:38 MST 2003

At 09:38  17/02/03 +1100, Tom wrote:

>Finally I think we need to consider the class base of the movement. The
>Melbourne demo struck me as based primarily on the same forces that
>mobilised on S11 2000 against the World Economic Forum and which voted
>Green in the last Victorian elections:  tertiary educated workers,
>students, and sections of the middle class. Organised labour was there, but
>did not put its stamp on the rally. I would be interested to hear what
>comrades think about the class composition of the rallies in other places.

I would say the exact same for the crowd in Brisbane but really it was so
big that it attracted layers that simply have never expressed a political
opinion before.

Most have the people in the Brisbane demo had a job, but they were not
there as WORKERS.   There was an ETU (Electrical Trades Union) banner and
the NTEU (National Tertiary Educators Union) also had its banner. But
organised Labor is at least here in Brisbane tailing Crean.

At some stage there will be a mental switch when those who go to the rally
go *both* as memberes of the public and as WORKERS.  At that moment I
suspect we will be very close to a pre-revolutionary situation.  The
bourgeoisie will move heaven and earth to prevent that.  It is indeed the
spectre that haunts their imaginary.

Now a personal negative note about all the praise that is being heaped
everywhere on those who went to their first rally.  It was great to see
them to be sure.  However if they had come to even the most elementary of
political consciousness sooner then the ruling class would not have got
away with all the slaughter and mayhem that they have visited on the world.

Still to be part of a huge rally was truly beautiful.



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