Sample of how Americans' think/ Labor and Aristocracy

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Sun Feb 16 17:10:29 MST 2003

>>there are a lot of workers who are proud that America is the richest and
most powerful country in the world.  Perhaps objectively on average the
U.S. working class incomes have gone down since 1973, but many people are
still very proud that they are in the richest country<<

That workers embrace nationalist ideology, and THINK they benefit from
imperialism, is not controversial. The question is whether Marxists tell
them it's true, thereby reinforcing the ideology.

It's not true. From a class perspective, America is no longer "the richest
country". In fact, in some ways American workers are not particularly well
off. Take education, for example -- the poor quality of American schooling
leaps out at us from the post you quote.

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