Sample of how Americans' think/ Labor and Aristocracy

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Sun Feb 16 19:10:21 MST 2003

>> Shouting that they ultimately are participating in their own
exploitation, while true, is not an argument you can make to this backward
sector.  They just shout back. Some of them will shoot you.  Anyone who
thinks they can has never tried it.<<

The only one shouting around here seems to be you.

I have tried to convince my fellow workers that they don't benefit from the
oppression and exploitation of others -- third world, non-white, female, or
whatever. And my fellow workers are relatively well paid, secure employees.
The men wear ties. And y'know what? No one has shot at me yet. Some of them
are very hostile to the war. Maybe that's why I don't share your contempt
for this "backward sector".

>>BTW, hereabouts, our Black unions represented on Saturday.  Think about

And at our demo, there were thousands and thousands of people a lot like my
workmates. In fact, some of them were my workmates. Think about it.

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