Thoughts on the peace rallies

gdunkel at gdunkel at
Sun Feb 16 20:48:08 MST 2003

We got 500 members of my union to march in the Labor contingent at
the NYC rally under the slogan "Money for education, not for war."

It was a successful contingent, drawing over 1,000 unionists and a
hundred or so students, not just from NYC but from upstate, NJ and

In our organizing around our contingent we tried to tie together the moral
outrage our members feel about the potential deaths of both Iraqis and
Americans but also our struggle for a decent contract and adequate
funding in this war-induced frenzy of budget cuts.

Part of the massive turnout and shift in consciousness, I believe, is due
to the attacks on the living standards of the working class in the
advanced industrial countries of Europe and North America.

The connections might not have been fully made but the worsening of
conditions has certainly been felt.


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